Guides / FAQ

If a bank won’t fund me, why will you?

First off, because we value your business more than a mega-bank. Beyond that, we’re willing to look deeper at what your business actually does, and determine your financial viability based on current, real-world information — not the owner’s credit score.

I need funding for my start-up. Can you help?

Maybe. If your start-up is more than six months old, we might have a funding option that’s right for you. We do not fund businesses that are less than three months old.

What happens if I need more working capital funding than I thought?

After a good repayment record has been established, you could be eligible for more capital before your original round of funding is repaid.

I have bad personal credit. Will you still fund my business?

Yes. We finance businesses based on their business income and liquid assets, not the owner’s personal credit.

What kind of collateral do I need?

None. You need to have been in business for more than three months, and be able to demonstrate your company’s cash on hand and monthly income.

How soon can I get approved?

Within 24 hours of applying. And you can apply here for funding.

How soon can I get the money?

The same day that you are approved.

Is it true that I won’t have to pay you more than I’d have to pay for long-term financing, even if my credit is bad?

We offer competitive market rates for funding, based directly on your business’s fundamentals. And, because our funding is typically short-term, that means your payments stop sooner.