Accounts Receivable Financing

When you send an invoice to a customer or client, it might be 30 days or longer before you see any money from them. But what if your business needs that money right now? With accounts receivable financing, a business sells their outstanding invoices at a discounted rate to Green Capital. Green Capital then collects the full price of the invoice from the business’s customers and clients. This way, the business doesn’t have to wait as long to get the money it needs, their customer/client gets the goods or services they need, and Green Capital makes our money back.

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A benefit of accounts receivable financing is that it’s a transaction, not a loan, so you don’t incur any debt with it. Unlike our competitors, our deals are short-term, so your company is growing faster and sooner. And since accounts receivable financing isn’t a loan, it doesn’t matter if your credit is perfect or a little bit damaged; you can still get the money your company needs — fast!

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