Merchant Cash Advance

Does your business accept credit and debit cards? Need some money to help your business grow, but don’t have time to go through the process of getting a traditional loan? A merchant cash advance might be just what you need!

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Merchant cash advances let you turn your future credit and debit card sales into cash you can use for your business right now. You can use a merchant cash advance to get money for any business-related expense you might have, whether it’s making improvements to an office or storefront, marketing, or producing a product. Since merchant cash advances are based on future sales, repayment can be flexible and adjusts to your cash flow situations, a benefit you won’t get with traditional financing. And since our financing is short-term, your company will grow faster and sooner — unlike with our competitors.

Applying for and being approved for a merchant cash advance is fast and easy! Even if you have little credit or bad credit, merchant cash advances could still be an option for you. If you need money for your business, don’t hesitate to apply now!