Franchise Financing

One of the biggest indicators of a successful business is the ability to franchise. What business owner doesn’t want to see their business grow, prosper, and flourish in every market it can reach? Franchising, however, costs a lot of money — money that banks won’t always be willing to put up. If you’ve decided it’s time to grow your business and expand into other territories by franchising, Green Capital will get you the funding you need without collateral or a business plan.

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24-Hour Approval

Approval only takes 24 hours, and once the money is deposited into your account you can begin looking into franchise opportunities and logistics as soon as you’re able to. With our flexible repayment process, Green Capital is willing to work with you to ensure your company can grow and expand at the rate you want it to without a lot of delays or paperwork. And the short term of our financing lets your business focus on the future.

If your small business has been a success and it’s time to start branching out into other markets, don’t wait another second — fill out an application now and see how Green Capital can help you grow and succeed.