Minority Business Funding

These days, small businesses are more popular than ever in America. People of any age, race, or gender can own and operate their own business, but there’s one thing they all have in common — the need for cash and financing. Your average business owner will encounter plenty of complications while trying to get funding, and that goes double for minority business loans from banks. Here at Green Capital, we provide millions of dollars in financing to small business owners and entrepreneurs such as yourself every year, even when the banks won’t. And since our financing is short-term, your business will be out of debt fast.

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Fast Approval

With our 24-hour approval process and flexible repayment terms, we can get you the money your small business needs right when you need it, no matter your product, idea, or service. Green Capital believes in planting seeds all over America to help small business flourish and bring new ideas to the forefront. If you have a business that needs some extra financing to get where you want it to be, contact Green Capital right away and apply for small business financing.