Small Business Funding

Any business needs cash to grow and operate. In the past, getting that cash could be a chore — banks would ask for collateral and detailed financing plans, and the terms weren't always favorable. As businesses grow and change over time, the need for additional financing can come up without warning, and the slow process of getting a bank loan can hamper your growth and cause missed opportunities. But now there’s an alternative to traditional financing methods: Green Capital small business financing.

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Easy Capital

Our fast, flexible, and easy capital options offer the money you need, when you need it. And our short-term repayment means you grow faster, sooner.

The money can be used for anything your business may need, with no business plan or proposal required. Once you pick the funding plan that’s best for your small business, you will receive approval within 24 hours, with the cash instantly deposited directly into your account — and it can be used for anything you want!

If you need extra cash to help your small business grow, Green Capital is here to help. Fill out our small business financing application now and see what Green Capital can do for you and your business.